Beacon Glue Fabric Tac Glue 4oz 5494741298

Beacon Glue

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Beacon Glue Fabric Tac Glue 4oz 5494741298

Fabri-Tac is a premium quality  fabric glue, and has been a favorite among professional designers for decades.This adhesives won’t soak into fabrics, and is much easier to use than a glue gun as there is no heat or inconvenience.

Materials It Bonds:
Canvas, Cardboard, Felt, Glass, Lace, Leather, Most Fabrics, Other Fabrics, Paper, Ribbons, Suede, Tile, To: Trim, Wood

Quick drying
Crystal Clear Adhesive
Dries Crystal Clear
Water Proof
Weather proof
UVA Resistant
Non-Flammable When Dry
Shock Resistant
Flexible, Never Brittle

Dry Time: 1 hr.

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