Align 150 120mm Main Blade Set (Orange/Black Tips) AGNHD123EB

Align Helicopter

$ 9.99 


Align 150 120mm Main Blade Set (Orange/Black Tips)

This is a replacement Align 120 Main Blade Set. This package includes two complete sets of Orange/Black main blades. These blades are manufacturered from PA-747 industrial grade ABS, that feature a metal ring around the blade grip bolt for added safety and stability during high stress maneuvers. The "150 Main Blades" are specifically designed for the T-Rex 150X, in order to withstand higher headspeeds, & significantly reduce the risk of failures due to higher loads placed on the blades at these higher headspeeds. 

Shape: Symmetrical wing 
Length: 120mm 
Weight: Approx 6g/set 


  • (4) Main Blades


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