APC 6x4.5 FPV Bullnose Electric Set Black (4) APCLPB06045E-B4


$ 5.49 $ 6.08

This is a pack of two APC FPV Racing Bundle B 6x4.5E Bullnose Propellers    
                    and two B 6x4.5EP (Pusher) Propellers                      
FEATURES: Composite nylon construction, black in color                         
          Designed for FPV multi-rotor applications                            
          Bullnose electric configuration                                      
INCLUDES: Two B 6x4.5E FPV Bullnose Propellers                                 
          Two B 6x4.5EP FPV (Pusher, Reverse Rotation) Bullnose Propellers     
          APC LPAR18SF Adapter Rings may be included. If rings                 
            are not included, the propeller has been updated to a 5mm hole and 
            the rings are not required.                                        
SPECS:    Hub Diameter: 0.50" (12.7mm)                                         
          Hub Thickness: 0.30" (0.76mm)                                        
          Shaft Diameter: 1/4" (6.3mm)                                         
          Product Weight: 0.25oz (7.1g)                                        
COMMENTS: For use with electric motors only. Do not use with gasoline or glow  
            powered models.

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