Bachmann 5 Straight N/S E-Z (6) N BAC44811


$ 10.99 $ 14.50


Bachmann 5 Straight N/S E-Z (6) N

This is an N Scale Set of 6 Sections of 5" Straight NS E-Z Track from Bachmann.
         Bachmann's best snap-fit track and roadbed system is better!          
             It offers Nickel Silver E-Z Track with Gray Roadbed!              
FEATURES: 5" of straight track with nickel silver rail, mounted on gray        
          E-Z track system connects quickly with better connections, which     
            provide better electrical conduction.                              
          Package comes with 6 pieces of mounted, straight track.              
          No screw, nails, or special tools needed for assembly, track snaps   
INCLUDES: 6 Sections of 5" Track                                               
SPECS:    Model Scale: N                                                       
          Sections: 5" x 1-1/8" at the base of mount 


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