Bandai 1/72 Star Wars A New Hope Millennium Falcon PG BAN216384


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Bandai 1/72 Star Wars A New Hope Millennium Falcon PG

This is the 1/72 Scale Star Wars Millennium Falcon                  
                      Plastic Model Kit by Bandai.                             
                     Suitable for Ages 15 & Older.                             
FEATURES: Highly detailed plastic pieces molded in light gray, black           
            and clear                                                          
          6 figures included                                                   
          Airframe details have been carefully repoduced base on a thorough    
            review of materials used in the actual films                       
          Etched parts used for heat vents and other details to achieve a      
            sharp and elaborate look                                           
          Main sensor rectenna is adjustable                                   
          Quad laser cannons fitted on the upper and lower sides are           
          Viewports come in two types, frame and clear parts                   
          Comes with display base to support the large body                    
          LED unit accessories illuminate inside the cockpit and boarding      
            ramp, around landing gear and the rear engine                      
          Deployment of the landing gear and open boarding ramp can be         
            reproduced by replacing parts                                      
          Cockpit interior reproduced with fine attention to detail            
          Crew can be selected from 6 character parts                          
          Two cockpit canopy options, frame parts and clear parts              
          Photo-etched parts                                                   
          Waterslide decals                                                    
          Illustrated instuctions                                              
INCLUDES: One plastic model


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