Beacon Glue Foam Tac Glue 1oz 054947317158

Beacon Glue

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Beacon Glue Foam Tac Glue 1oz 054947317158


Hands down, Foam-Tac is the best choice for  building  and repairing all parts of foam planes including motor mounts,  control horns and rods, attaching servos, and tacking down wires.

Foam-Tac’s improved formula now contains UV blockers so that it can be used in the field in direct sunlight without any yellowing or degrading. We’ve also added a special adhesion promoter to make the glue even stronger and more durable than before.

FOAM-TAC offers many advantages over other types of glues that have been used on R/C planes. Since a little Foam-Tac goes a long way, you’ll build plane after plane with one bottle, saving time, money and materials.

Great for reattaching broken ailerons.

Won’t glue fingers together – not a cyanoacrylate.

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