Mugen E0814 Ball Link 7mm MBX6/X6T/M-Spec MUGE0814

Mugen Seiki

$ 4.99 $ 5.49

These are the Ball Links for the Mugen MBX5T/R.                 
FEATURES: Nylon construction, black in color                                   
          Replaces worn or damaged ball links                                  
INCLUDES: 4 nylon ball links for the Mugen MBX5T/R                             
REQUIRES: Installation                                                         
SPECS:    Straight link                                                        
          Length: 1.22" (31mm) (straight link)                                 
          Length: 1.41" (29mm) (curved link)                                   
          Outside diameter: .47" (12mm)                                        
          Inside diameter:  .27" (7mm)                               
BOX DIMENSIONS:    2.38" W. X    .38" H. X   3.13" L.
BOX WEIGHT:     .02 LBS.

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