Pro-Line 10100-103 Pin Point 2.2"/3.0" Z3 Off-Rd Carpet Tire (2) pro10100-103


$ 25.99 $ 29.95


10100-103 Pin Point 2.2"/3.0" Z3 Off-Rd Crpt Tire (2)

 This is a pair of Pin Point 2.2/3.0 Z3                      
               Off-Road Carpet Short Course Tires from Pro-Line.               
FEATURES: Fits front and rear 1/10 scale short course trucks                   
          Ultra-Sharp Pins in a unique sine wave pattern for a high degree of  
            grip on carpet, wood, cardboard, plastic and more                  
          Specially formulated Z3 medium carpet compound                       
INCLUDES: Two Pin Point 2.2/3.0 Z3 Rear Buggy Tires with Foam Inserts          
REQUIRES: Tire Glue DTXR2000, DTXR2002                                         
          1/10 scale rear buggy wheels                                         
SPECS:    Diameter: 4.26" (108mm)                                              
          Width: 1.81" (46mm)

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