DDM Racing Inner "Bite-Lock" Rings - DDM110BL

Daves Motors

$ 7.49 $ 7.50


DDM Racing Inner "Bite-Lock" Rings

Now available from DDM Racing are the new DDM "Bite-Lock" beadlock rings. These bead lock rings are made from durable fiberglass reinforced nylon with a deep lip that allows for optimum sidewall protection from getting pinched or torn.

The inside of the ring features a large groove to easily fit the tire flange and bite down to keep the tire in place.

Molded into the ring is the DDM Racing logo for a touch of style.

Compatible with all Kraken VEKTA, Losi 5IVE-T/and HPI Baja wheels and tires.

DDM Racing suggests using M3 cap head screws for installation.

Sold in sets of Two (2) rings

The inner bead of the STOCK DBXL wheels do not work well with the DDM Bite-Lock rings. For use on the DBXL we suggest that you change the wheels to 5IVE-T/VEKTA/Baja compatible wheels.


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