Dromida Xl 370 UAV Drone Rtf Green DIDE05GG


$ 90.00 $ 199.99


Dromida Xl 370 UAV Drone Rtf Green

This is the 2.4GHz Radio Controlled, Electric Powered               
                    Ready to Fly Dromida XL 370 UAV Drone.                     
FEATURES: Airframe: Plastic, survives routine crashes with ease                
          Auto Takeoff and Landing: ascend 2m, or descend to ground with push  
            of one button on transmitter                                       
          Gyro: 3-axis with 3 accelerometers for smooth, stable flight         
          Radio: MR101 2.4GHz with spring loaded throttle, Auto-Flip Button    
            dual rates and digital trims, sound and light cues to simplify     
            setup, confirm settings and provide alerts                         
          Battery: 2S LiPo                                                     
          Battery Charger: AC powered, 2-3S balancing charger                  
          LED Lights: For easy day or night tracking                           
INCLUDES: RTF Dromida XL 370 Drone with 2.4GHz Radio, LiPo Battery, Charger,   
            four AAA Batteries, extra set of Blades, Blade Guards, Screwdriver 
            and Instruction Manual                                             
SPECS:    Diagonal: 14.6" (370mm)                                              
          Weight: 15.9oz (450g)                                                
COMMENTS: To convert the Dromida XL 370 UAV Drone to FPV order the following;  
            DIDE1264, Camera Mount Assembly                                    
            TACZ1020, DroneView 1080P Wi-Fi Camera                             
            TACZ1010, Tactic 4GB C10 Micro Memory Card (or equivalent up to    
          Available in the following colors;                                   
            Blue, DIDE05BB                                                     
            Green, DIDE05GG                                                    
            Orange, DIDE05NN                                                   
            Red, DIDE05RR                                                      
          If replacement motors are needed, order;                             
            DIDE1266; For gear driven props this motor is marked CCW to spin   
            the prop CW                                                        
            DIDE1267; For gear driven props this motor is marked CW to spin    
            the prop CCW


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