Dubro 4-40 Threaded Coupler DUB336


$ 1.69 $ 2.04


Dubro 4-40 Threaded Coupler

This is a Threaded Coupler for joining 4-40 size rods by Dubro.         
FEATURES: Polished steel construction.                                         
INCLUDES: Two steel threaded couplers.                                         
REQUIRES: Threading onto rod.                                                  
SPECS:    Length: 36.5mm (1.438")                                              
          Diameter: 3.5mm (.138")                                              
          Length of thread: 18.5mm (.731")                                     
          Thread size: 4-40                                                    
COMMENTS: This coupler will join two 4-40 rods, with a male connection on      
             one end and a female on the other. 


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