Dubro Threaded Coupler 2mm (2) DUB695


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Dubro Threaded Coupler 2mm (2) DUB695

These are 2mm threaded couplers that are soldered onto 2mm pushrods or      
2mm music wire so that Kwik-Links or ball links may be used.  These couplers   
are made of brass and are 1-1/4" long (3/4" of it is threaded).                
PACKAGE INCLUDES:  Two brass threaded couplers                                 
REQUIRES:  Soldering coupler to pushrod (stock# STAR2000 for solder).          
   Stock numbers for 2mm rods and links:                                       
      2mm pushrods    DUBQ1662             2mm nylon kwik link                 
      2mm music wire  K+SR4505             2mm swivel ball link

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