Dubro Micro Control Horn DUB919


$ 1.09 $ 1.32


Dubro Micro Control Horn DUB919


Designed for Park Flyer Airplanes, the Micro 2 Control Horns           
                 are a perfect choice for smaller aircraft.                    
FEATURES: Plastic construction                                                 
          Two pins bite into control surface for twist free operation          
          Four pushrod mounting holes allow for more flexible installation     
INCLUDES: Two Micro 2 Control Horns                                            
REQUIRES: Installation following included instructions                         
          Designed to work with Dubro Micro Pushrods - DUBQ1427 and DUBQ1852   
SPECS:    Length: 5/8" (17mm)                                                  
          Height: 1/2" (12.7mm)               

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