Great Planes Pro Ca+ Glue 1 Oz Medium GPMR6008

Great Planes

$ 3.99 $ 5.99


Great Planes Pro Ca+ Glue 1 Oz Medium

The Pro CA Glues are clog-resistant with extra-long applicator tips to easily 
reach into tight spots.  Easy to squeeze bottles aid in applying just the right
amount of glue-for easier sanding and less mess.  All Great Planes CA glues    
have a satisfaction guarantee, best if used by date and are clear.             
Wicks quickly for instant bonds on tight-fitting parts, tacking and CA hinges. 
      Not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or foam-safe CA.      
INCLUDES: One Pro CA+ Glue 1oz Medium                                          
COMMENTS: Thin CA: Sets 1-3 seconds                                            
          Medium CA+: Fills small gaps, sets in 10-15 seconds                  
          Thick CA-: Fills Medium gaps, sets in 1-2 minutes                    
          GEL CA: Fills Large gaps, sets in 3-4 minutes 


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