HPI Rear Suspension Arm Set HPI107900


$ 12.99 $ 14.99


HPI Rear Suspension Arm Set

This is the Rear Suspension Set                          
                   For the HPI Racing WR8 1/8 Rally Cars                       
FEATURES: Made of black plastic                                                
INCLUDES: Two suspension arms                                                  
          Two plates                                                           
SPECS:    Arm, length:      73mm  (2-7/8")                                     
               width:       13mm  (1/2")                                       
               height:      43mm  (1-3/4")                                     
          Plate, length:    56mm  (2-1/4")                                     
                 width:     38mm  (1-1/2")                                     
                 thickness: 2.7mm (3/32")                                      
COMMENTS: This part can be installed on                                        
             HPI Racing 1/8 Ken Block WR8 Flux Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V.            
             HPI Racing 1/8 WR8 Flux w/Ford Fiesta Abu Dhabi WRC               
             HPI Racing 1/8 WR8 3.0 Ford Fiesta Rally Abu Dhabi RTR


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