HPI Big Bore Shock Set Savage HPIA720


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HPI Big Bore Shock Set Savage

This is the Aluminum Big Bore Shock Set                    
           for the HPI Savage XL 5.9 GT RTR Gigante Body                       
FEATURES: Aluminum Construction                                                
          Anodized gun metal grey with black springs                           
          Completely assembled                                                 
          Comes in a foam tray covered with a clear plastic box on a           
          hangable header card                                                 
INCLUDES: Four assembled aluminum shocks                                       
          Shock settings                                                       
          Shock pistons                                                        
          7x6mm balls                                                          
          3x5.8x9mm balls                                                      
          3x8x0.5mm washers                                                    
          M3x42mm cap head screws                                              
          M3x15mm cap head screws                                              
          M3 lock nuts                                                         
REQUIRES: Silicone shock Oil                                                   
SPECS:    Length: 170mm (6.69")


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