Kyosho INFERNO MP9 TKI4-10th Anniversary Special Edition KYO33011B


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Kyosho INFERNO MP9 TKI4-10th Anniversary Special Edition

33011B INFERNO MP9 TKI4-10th Anniversary Special Edition

Special 10th anniversary release of the MP9 series is fully loaded with high performance optional parts.
With its unrivaled record of 8 World Championship titles, the Inferno has continually set the performance benchmark for 1/8 scale engine racing buggies. After its first release in October 2008, the MP9 hoisted the trophy at the 12th World Championship in Thailand in 2010 as well as adding a 6th Japan National Championship to the Inferno’s stunning record of racing success. To celebrate this masterpiece of R/C racing machinery, the Inferno’s legendary designer Yuichi Kanai has further refined the latest MP9 TKI4 model through continuous testing and development to create the 10th Anniversary Special Edition! While maintaining the MP TKI4’s core strengths, 11 performance enhancing optional parts worth more than 30,000 Yen have been included in the 10th Anniversary Special Edition to take you straight out of the box and onto the podium.
  • Based on the latest TKI4 model, more than 30,000 Yen of optional performance parts have been included in this 10th Anniversary Special Edition MP9 model.
  • Shock cases - HD Coated shock cases for Front and Rear (IFW470-01/IFW471-01)
  • Shock pistons - 1.3x8 hole pistons (IF347-138)
  • Wheel nuts -  serrated wheel nuts (IFW472GM)
  • Front Shock Stay - short type hard front shock tower (high mount) gunmetal color (IFW464)
  • Front upper suspension holder - aluminum hard front upper suspension holder (high mount) (IFW466)
  • Diff bevel shaft  - light weight diff bevel shafts (IFW467)
  • Front hub carrier - 17.5 degree front hub carrier (IFW468)
  • Spur gear -  47T spur gear (IF410-47)
  • Shock bushing - light weight shock bushing (IF346-04LB)
  • Brake pad - new brake pads (IFW473) 
  • Shock cap - aeration shock caps (IFW469)

With front and rear suspension of the previous models in focus, modifications to the MP9 TKI4 have improved cornering stability and steering characteristics. Each component has been designed to deliver a racing edge through superior durability and reliability.

Hard coated Threaded Big Shock cases are included as standard and deliver smooth damping function over an extended period while reducing silicon oil contamination. Change to standard 1.3mm x 8 hole pistons better suits a wide range of course conditions.

Improved damping characteristics from the Aeration Cap Set that is included delivers improved grip and forward bite. Modified lightweight shock bushes optimize shock mounting.

Upper Front arm is 2mm higher than the TKI4 and features hard front shock stay and hard front upper suspension holder as standard. In addition to optimal camber change, it has also improved initial steering response.

Front hub carrier has been modified to increase caster from 13° to 17.5°. This delivers vastly improved stability on bumpy surfaces and tight cornered courses.

47T spur gear gives improved throttle response and acceleration (46T is standard in TKI4). Lightweight bevel shafts in the front/center/rear diffs also improve throttle ON/OFF response and braking characteristics.

Special adhesion method of the brake pad to the plate improved the durability and reliability of the brakes.

While the standard TKI4 specification includes wheel nuts with nylon, the Special Edition model features serration on the back side for added wheel security. 
      <Kit Contents>
  • Unassembled kit
  • Clear body
  • Wheels
  • Logo decals
  • Window mask

<Required for Operation>
  • 2ch and 2 servo R/C system for cars
  • .21-class engine
  • Muffler and manifold
  • 1/8 tires and inserts
  • Fuel and Fuel bottle
  • Plug heater
  • Starter box
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • Diff oils and air cleaner oil
  • Paint for body
  • Tools
Chassis Technical Data
  • Length                   490mm
  • Width                     307mm
  • Height                    180mm
  • Ground Clearance 28mm
  • Wheelbase            325mm (adjustable with rear hub washers)
  • Tread (F/R)           254mm
  • Tires (F/R)            Sold separately
  • Gear Ratio            11.96:1
  • Weight                  2,950g (approx.)
  • Engine                  .21 Class (sold separately)


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