Midwest .060 Clear Sheet MID703-04


$ 5.49 


Midwest .060 Clear Sheet

These are the .060 Clear Polyester Super Sheets from Midwest Products.    
FEATURES: Clear in color                                                       
          Flexible...bends and forms easily                                    
          Compatible with many plastic adhesives                               
          Compatible with most paints, including Testors, Humbrol Enamel,      
            Floquil Model Railroad Paint (solvent based)                       
          Thousands of uses including architectural models, school projects,   
            fine arts, hobbies, do-it-yourself projects, and more              
INCLUDES: One sheets                                                          
SPECS:    Thickness: .060"  (1.50mm)                                           
          Size: 7.6" x 11" (194mm x 279mm)                                     
COMMENTS: Some acrylic paints will rub off, so test before using them on your  


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