MIP Thorp .9mm Hex Driver MIP9012


$ 14.00 $ 17.50


MIP Thorp .9mm Hex Driver

This is a 0.9mm Thorp Hex Driver from MIP.  MIP has picked up the Thorp      
  hex drivers to carry on the tradition of quality that the old Thorp ball     
                      end drivers brought you.                                 
FEATURES: High Quality Steel Construction Tip                                  
          Precision Cut Tip for Accuracy                                       
          Durable Plastic Handle                                               
          High Grip Handle                                                     
INCLUDES: One 0.9mm Thorp Hex Driver                                           
COMMENTS: The tips are non replaceable, but if you send the driver into MIP    
            they will regrind the tip for you for a small fee.  MIP will also  
            regrind the older Thorp drivers as well.


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