OS Max P4 Turbo Plug Super Hot Off-Road OSM71641400

OS Max

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OS Max P4 Turbo Plug Super Hot Off-Road

This is the P4 Turbo Glow Plug for use                    
          in the OS Max .21VZ-B VSPEC and .21VZ-B Speed Tuned Engines.         
FEATURES: For use with fuel containing 25% or greater nitromethane content     
          Also works well in most .18 - .28 cu in (2.9 - 4.6 cc) off road      
            racing engines with turbo type racing heads                        
INCLUDES: One glow plug                                                        
REQUIRES: Glow plug wrench                                        
SPECS:    Overall Length: 17mm (.67")                                          
          Thread size: M8x.75mm                                                
COMMENTS: This glow plug is different from the conventional glow plug.         
          It has a slight taper on the bottom allowing it to sit flush         
           with the combustion chamber.


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