Pacer Technology's Slo-Zap Ca 1 Oz PAAPT20

Pacer Technology's

$ 6.99 $ 8.59

          This is a 1oz Bottle of Slo-Zap CA Glue from Pacer.                
     Not safe for foam. For foam applications use epoxy or foam-safe CA.       
FEATURES: Very high viscosity formula.                                         
          Super thick and super strong.                                        
          Allows approximately 30-40 seconds for part positioning.             
          Cures in 90 seconds.                                                 
          Ideal for fillet forming, gap filling, wing sheeting, laminating,    
          Use Zip Kicker to accelerate cure time.                   
INCLUDES: One 1oz Bottle of Slo-Zap CA Glue.                                   
SPECS:    1oz (28.4g)                   

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