Protoform J71 Clear Body Vta Class PRM1526-00


$ 28.00 $ 37.95


Protoform J71 Clear Body Vta Class

This is the Protoform 1/10 scale J71 On-Road Clear Body.           
FEATURES: Replica of the 1971 Trans-Am Championship winning race car           
          Made from extremely durable .030" (0.76mm) thick Lexan               
          Add-on front nose with air dam                                       
INCLUDES: Clear J71 Body                                                       
          Two Front Nose Pieces                                                
          Mounting Hardware, Decals and Window Masks                           
REQUIRES: Trimming with Body Scissors, DTXR1150                                
          Spray or brush-on Lexan safe paint                                   
SPECS:    Length: 16.9" (429mm)                                                
          Front Width: 7.9" (200mm)                                            
          Rear Width:  8.3" (210mm)                                            
          Height: 3.9" (110mm)                                                 
          Wheelbase: 10.2" (260mm)


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