Pro-Line Back-Half Cage, for ProLine Cab Only Bodies PRO6322-00


$ 55.96 $ 69.95


Pro-Line Back-Half Cage, for ProLine Cab Only Bodies

The Back-Half Cage from Pro-Line allows you to put Pro-Line Cab Only bodies on your TRX-4, Venture, Ascender, or SCX10 II! The Back-Half Cage is made from extremely durable black nylon, and is designed to mimic full-size custom welded tube cages. The cage includes a spot for a spare Pro-Line rock crawling tire, as well as a rack for mounting scale accessories. The molded in gas tank detail serves as the spot for the rear body mount holes, depending on your choice of chassis and body cab. All the metric hardware is included, and cage assembly is required. If you are ready to dramatically change the look of your stock crawler then you need Pro-Line's Back-Half Cage! 

TRX-4 with Pro-Line Cab Body
Venture with Pro-Line Cab Body
Ascender with Pro-Line Cab Body
SCX10 II with Pro-Line Cab Body 


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