Pro-Line PRO-Arms Upper & Lower Arm Kit for X-MAXX Front/Rear PRO6339-00


$ 47.96 $ 59.95


Pro-Line PRO-Arms Upper & Lower Arm Kit for X-MAXX Front/Rear

The PRO-Arms Upper & Lower Arm Kit includes cutting edge race-style black arms with smooth bottoms that are capped off with stone gray stiffening plates, resulting in extremely durable and rigid arms. The arm plates are held on by multiple flat head screws and the stone gray color is the exact same as Pro-Line's Impulse Pro-Loc Wheel Rings, so you know they can be dyed or painted to match your truck's style!

The PRO-Arms are direct replacements for the stock X-MAXX arms and are designed from the ground up to be nearly indestructible! Each Arm Kit includes 1 Lower Right Arm, 1 Lower Left Arm, 1 Upper Right Arm and 1 Upper Left Arm along with the plates and hardware for each arm, and will work on the front or rear of your X-MAXX. Get two Arm Kits to fully deck out your whole truck. The PRO-Arms are cored out from the top to save weight and the arm plates keep dirt, mud, and debris out of your arms. If you are looking to upgrade the durability and style of your X-MAXX, look no further than the PRO-Arms!


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