Protoform F26 Clear Body for 1/10 Formula 1 PRM1561-22


$ 27.16 $ 33.95


Protoform F26 Clear Body for 1/10 Formula 1

FEATURES: Fits 1/10 scale Formula 1 car chassis                                
          Wide, channeled nose provides more front-end grip balanced by side   
            winglets that plant the rear of the car                            
          Rear deck area with spur gear cover that directs airflow to the rear 
          Decal sheet includes steering wheel and seatbelt graphics as well as 
             helmet visors and PROTOform logos in a variety of colors          
          Molded from clear lightweight polycarbonate                          
INCLUDES: 1/10 scale PROTOform F26 Clear Body                                  
          Add-on Driver's Helmet with M3 Screw and Washer                      
          Decal Sheet                                                          
          Overspray Film on outside of body                                    
REQUIRES: Body Scissors and Reamer                                             
          Polycarbonate safe spray or brush-on paint                           
SPECS:    Length: 14.5" (368mm)                                                
          Width:   5.75" (146mm)                                               
          Height:  3.1" (79mm)                                                 
COMMENTS: Front and rear wings not included


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