Spaz Stix Amethyst Purple Pearl Aerosol Paint SZX16019

Spaz Stix

$ 7.99 


Spaz Stix Amethyst Purple Pearl Aerosol Paint

Spaz Stix Pearl paints provide an amazingly deep finish with it's high pearl content. This unique product sprays on transparent, then when backed with black paint, turns into a beautiful dark purple! The improved enamel formulation provides easier application, better adhesion, and improved flexibility.

*(IMPORTANT) When sprayed, this color is very translucent and it will appear that no color tint is being applied. Please be sure to apply 2 or 3 coats evenly and let dry, then apply the backer. Backer MUST be black. If another color is applied before the backer, the pearl color will not be visible.



  • Use Spaz Stix Surface Pre Prep (SZX90050 or SZX90059) before painting to keep paint jobs- swirl and fingerprint free.
  • Allow the paint to dry between each application.Paint will be transparent when applied. For best results, apply 2 or 3 light coats of paint.
  • MUST be backed with Black only!


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