Spaz Stix Candy Purple Dynamite Aerosol Paint 3.5oz SZX15559

Spaz Stix

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Spaz Stix Candy Purple Dynamite Aerosol Paint 3.5oz

The Spaz Stix Candy color line up is the real deal. Our hard anodized metal color is lacquer based giving your vehicle a bold and realistic look - delivering a custom paint job every time. Your model will have a fresh and clean appearance for every race. Spaz Stix Candy favorites are Apple Red, Apple Green, and Purple Dynamite. Just see for yourself how delicious they look in person!

Recommended Backer Color:
SZX00300 Silver Metallic Backer 2oz Airbrush OR SZX00309 3.5oz Aerosol


Use Spaz Stix Surface Pre Prep (SZX90050 or SZX90059) before painting to keep paint jobs- swirl and fingerprint free.
Hard Anodized Candy paint's will appear lightly colored at first and build in intensity with additional coats. For best results, apply 2 or 3 light coats of paint. Allow the paint to dry between each application.


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