Sweep Racing 444020 GT8 Fast Forward X-Hard Foam Tires Black Dish (2) SW444020


$ 39.99 $ 49.99

This is a pair of SWEEP's All out Drag racing/Speed runs Foam tires in X-Hard compound. FAST FORWARD FOAM
Part Number:443520
  • 105 mm Dia. 40mm width 17mm HEX
  • 67 Grams each tire
  • Foams: Made out of race proven high density foams, long lasting durable yet high traction.
  • Wheels: Special resin wheels made ONLY for the Drag racing/Speed runs. this is not a offroad buggy wheels that squat at the start line to wobble at finish line.
  • Gluing process: each wheel and tire are mounted on a special machine to sand and tru to perfection with decades of experience in foam tires fabricating.
Finished product: Mega grip, long life Foam tires for serious drag/Speed run racers.

Race at your own risk!

Please note that the Drag Racing tires have a maximum speed rating that, if exceeded, could result in permanently. For the Drag Racing tires that is 100 mph or about 8,000 RPM. Over revving your Foam tires could result in breaking the whole or part of the tire, which will NOT be covered under warranty. This can be caused by "diffing out" your tires or holding the throttle open while one, two or three of your tires are stopped, which substantially increases the RPM sent to the free-spinning tire or tires also please note "Table Revving" does same thing to your tires. which is load free revving on a table or on your hands.

Blown tires can cause serious damage to your racing machine or personal injury. Race at your own risk!

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