Tamiya Sanding Sponge Sheet 600 TAM87148


$ 4.99 $ 5.75


Tamiya Sanding Sponge Sheet 600

This is the 600 Grit Tamiya Sanding Sponge.                   
FEATURES: Aluminum oxide abrasive material attached to a flexible sponge base  
          Ideal for removing protrusions on plastic models and also finishing  
            materials such as wood and metal                                   
          Flexibility allows even finishing of curved surfaces and hard-to     
            reach corners                                                      
          Suitable for wet sanding                                             
          Sponge can be cut to desired size with a hobby knife                 
INCLUDES: 600 Grit Tamiya Sanding Sponge                                       
SPECS:    Dimensions: 4.5 x 5.5" (114 x 140mm)                                 
          Thickness: 0.197" (5mm)


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