Testors Military Aircraft Spray Set TES9216


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Testors Military Aircraft Spray Set TES9216

 This is a Military Aircraft Spray Set from Testors.               
FEATURES: Five acrylic enamel military paint colors for models.                
          Airbrush propellant is ozone-safe, paints and flat black color both  
            wash up with water and are certified non-toxic.                    
          Contains a mixing bottle, cleaning wire and complete instructions for
            easier use.                                                        
          Set provides a unique and new way to spray paint models.             
INCLUDES: One Cap Sprayer                                                      
          One Propellant Can                                                   
          Five Bottles of Paint                                                
          One Bottle of Flat Black                                             
          One Mixing Bottle                                                    
          One Clip Cap                                                         
          One Dip Tube                                                         
          One Cleaning Wire                                                    
          One Paint Brush                                                      
          Complete Instructions                                                
REQUIRES: Eye, skin and lung protection.                                       
          Water for clean up.                                                  
SPECS:    Paint Bottles: 1/4 oz. each (7.4mL)                                  
          Flat Black:    1/2 oz. (14.7mL)                                      
          Propellant:      6 oz.                                               
COMMENTS: CAUTION: flammable, keep away from sparks, flame and heat.           
          Keep out of reach of children.                                       
          Do not puncture can, put in trash compactor or incinerate.           
          Avoid breathing vapors, eye contact or excessive skin contact.       
          Use in a well-ventilated area.                                       
          Overexposure to solvent vapors causes brain damage and nervous       
            system damage.                                                     
          Models shown on packaging not included with paint set.   
BOX DIMENSIONS:    6.50" W. X   3.00" H. X  10.00" L.
BOX WEIGHT:    1.46 LBS.


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