Testors Easy Lift-Off Remover 8 OZ TESF542143


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Testors Easy Lift-Off Remover 8 OZ

Polly's Easy-Lift-Off paint and decal remover is designed to be used on most   
plastics and metals. It removes unwanted decals, unwanted coatings, and works  
on MOST types of paint. ***NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN***                     
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1- Can- Paint and Decal Remover                              
SPECS: Weight:  8 Fluid Ounces (1/2 Pint)     236 ML                           
**Paint and decal remover is made to work slowly                               
**Made to be used safely on MOST plastics and metals                           
**HOW TO REMOVE DECALS: Apply directly to decal and lift off with brush, wash  
   area with mild soapy water and let dry thoroughly. Allow to dry and redecal 
   as desired                                                                  
**HOW TO REMOVE COATINGS: Apply ELO generously to unwanted coatings, let soak- 
   in until coatings start to crinkle. As coating's adhesion to surface is     
   broken, scrub with a brush. Wash in warm soapy water and let dry thoroughly-
   apply plastic prep, air dry and recoat as desired


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