Top Flight Heat Gun TOPR2000

Top Flight

$ 23.99 $ 32.99


Top Flight Heat Gun

This Top Flite Heat Gun is a handy tool that gives you a fast, drum-tight,   
mirror smooth finish. It's ideal for MonoKote, EconoKote and other heat-       
shrinkable covering films to get a professional finish with less time & effort.
This heat gun has a Two-Year Warranty.                                         
FEATURES: Adjustable air intake, which allows for easy adjustment of air       
          Three position push button switch; ON-OFF-Cool                       
          Variable heat nozzle for narrow or broad airflow                     
          1000 WATTS of power                                                  
          Powerful motor/fan combination, for steady airflow over surface      
          120V AC power cord                                                   
          Quiet, low-noise, lightweight design with comfortable Black plastic  
INCLUDES: One Heat Gun w/Removable Heat Nozzle and Instructions on the Box     
COMMENTS: Nozzle can heat to approx 400°F  


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