TQ Wires 10 Gauge 1 Red/Blu/Yell/Orng/ TQ1105

TQ Wires

$ 14.99 $ 18.00

This is the package of five 1' sections of 10 Gauge Wire              
      with Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Orange Insulation from TQ Wire.       
FEATURES: Version 2 10 gauge wire constructed from 1,050 strands of tinned     
          Ideal for high current 1/8 scale and high voltage short course power 
          Very flexible and easy to solder                                     
INCLUDES: Five 1' (305mm) sections of 10 Gauge Wire                            
SPECS:    Length: 1' (305mm)                                                   
          Diameter: 0.19" (4.8mm) including insulation


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