Traxxas Bulkhead Front Gray TRA2530A


$ 5.39 $ 6.00

This is a Stock Replacement Front Bulkhead used in many Traxxas vehicles.   
         The front suspension arm hinge pins pass through this piece.          
FEATURES: Gray nylon construction                                              
INCLUDES: One front bulkhead                                                   
REQUIRES: Nothing.  This is a direct replacement part.                         
SPECS:    Length: 73.6mm (2.90")                                               
          Width: 41mm (1.62")                                                  
          Height: 29mm (1.14")                                                 
COMMENTS: This part is used on the following vehicles:                         
            Rustler, Bandit, Stampede, Nitro Rustler, SRT, Nitro Stampede,     
            Rustler XL and Stampede XL.


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