Traxxas LiPo 4S 14.8V 6700mAh Power TRA2890X


$ 139.95 $ 190.00


Traxxas LiPo 4S 14.8V 6700mAh Power

This is the Traxxas Power Cell 4S 14.8V 6700mAh LiPo Battery          
                          with the iD Connector.                               
FEATURES: Sized for the Traxxas X-Maxx monster truck                           
          Hard-wired 12-gauge Maxx Cable soldered to cells                     
          iD Auto Battery Identification allows Traxxas iD equipped chargers to
            automatically set and optimize charge settings for specific battery
          Center wire exit for guaranteed proper fit                           
INCLUDES: Traxxas Power Cell 4S 14.8V 6700mAh LiPo Battery with iD Connector   
REQUIRES: iD equipped LiPo compatible charger such as the Traxxas #2971        
            Traxxas EZ-Peak Live, TRAP2971                                     
          LiPo charging bag                                                    
SPECS:    Configuration: 4S1P                                                  
          Continuous Discharge: 25C                                            
          Max Burst Rate: 50C                                                  
          Voltage Output: 14.8V                                                
          Length: 6.9" (176mm)                                                 
          Width: 1.9" (48mm)                                                   
          Height: 1.7" (43.5mm)                                                
          Weight: 1.15lbs (526g)                                               
COMMENTS: ALWAYS use a LiPo-approved Charger/Balancer                          
          NEVER Charge over 4.20V per cell                                     
          NEVER Charge at currents greater than 3C                             
          NEVER Trickle Charge                                                 
          NEVER allow to Discharge below 2.5V per cell                         
          NEVER disassemble or modify pack wiring in any way or puncture cells 
          NEVER place on combustible materials or leave unattended during      
          ALWAYS Charge in a fireproof location                                
          ALWAYS set charger's output volts to match battery volts             
          ALWAYS keep out of reach of children 


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