RPM No Clip Body Mounts Slash 2WD RPM70860


$ 20.00 $ 27.95


RPM No Clip Body Mounts Slash 2WD

This is the RPM No Clip Body Mount System for the Traxxas Slash 2WD.      
       **Will not work with the Traxxas On Board Audio System (OBA)**          
FEATURES: For use with the stock Traxxas Slash 2WD body, and any Traxxas bodies
            based upon the #5811 and #6811 styles, see COMMENTS below (not     
            tested with, or guaranteed to fit any aftermarket bodies)          
          Eliminates through-the-body post mounting system front and rear      
          Uses four screws in front and two mock radiators in rear with fan    
            shrouds that function as locking mechanisms                        
          Allows body to be lowered 3/16" (4.8mm), or raised 3/8" (9.5mm)      
            higher that stock                                                  
          Molded nylon construction, black in color                            
          Aluminum mounting plate for radiators                                
INCLUDES: No Clip Body Mount System with Instructions                          
COMMENTS: Fits the following Traxxas bodies; 5811, 5811X, 5816, 5817, 5819,    
            5825, 6811, 6811X, 6817, 6818, 6820, 6821, 6825, 6826, 6826R,      
            6831, 6849, 6889                                                   
          Does NOT fit the following Traxxas bodies; 5815, 5815A, 5815R, 5815X 
            5826, 5826A, 5826R, 5826X, 6833, 5818, 5818A or 5820A


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